Truth about lies

Perhaps the FBI made a mistake or perhaps it succumbed to pressure, I don't know. But Jeffrey Epstein evaded timely prosecution because people like Alan Dershowitz trash the Constitution in the name of defending it and they are the ones who must be held accountable before we are able to apply the basic principles and standards that democracies rely upon.

I believe the FBI should arrest Alan Dershowitz for trying to destroy Hunter Biden using the very same tactics he used to defend Jeffrey Epstein. And when that is done, Epstein's victims should sue Dershowitz.

It is not possible to understand where I am going unless you review this youtube video, and if you agree, please post a message... Moreover, review the Karl Rove video wherein that goofball exposes the plot to destry Biden, in writing.

Next: This should make life easier to deal with.



Look who's talking

It's not CNN, it's not CNBC, it's not NBC, it's not Fox...

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