Alec Baldwin is a flawed human being. That makes him one of us. MAGA's are the demented lunatic fringe. That means they ultimately self-destruct. Some of them have been genuinely brainwashed and that means they need to be de-programmed to be fit to rejoin society. Others, like Donald Trump, Karl Rove, Roger Stone and Rupert Murdoch, live in the alternative reality they have created and they will continue to brainwash gullible followers until they are jailed.

Today's Republican party has consequently become a L.I.A.R. (Lives in a Retaliatory Universe). In other words, "it" exhaustively maufactures an alternative narrative through extraordinary resources and publicity stunts that are breathtaking in their scope. For example, imagine what it took to create the false impression that a murderer like Kyle Rittenhouse was a hero who acted in self-defense. If you study that case with a microscope, you will be absolutely overwhelmed. Even the judge, who was so biased it is difficuly to believe he is still on the bench, created an alternative universe where victims were treated like culprits and vise versa.

The current zeal to re-file charges against Alec Baldwin is peculiar and it should also be placed under the microscope before another travesty of justice is revisited.

No live rounds are allowed on any movie set. Baldwin reasonably believed the prop gun he was handed was not loaded and it is consequently silly to blame anybody other than the person who loaded that gun, for killing Halyna Hutchins in October of 2021.

Who did it and why? Those who are currently pointing one finger at Balwin are pointing three towards themselves because everybody will be a suspect until those who are responsible for purchasing and planting ammunition are exposed.

According to the current drumbeat in the media, a new forensic test proves that Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger and that is clearly a certifiably false assertion.

The fact is, the gun that allegedly proves Baldwin was a murderer fell apart when the FBI tried to test it, and that clearly supports Baldwin's assertion that he did not pull the trigger of the dysfunctional gun.

Consequently, the widely circulated, forensic report which erroneously promotes claim Baldwin is a liar when he insists he did not pull the trigger of a dysfunctional gun, is simply bogus. If the authorities want to solve this murder they need to figure out who planted live ammunition in a prop gun because anything less is not acceptable.

Make no mistake about it, those who are inclined to obstruct justice for the purpose of turning a murderer into a hero (Rittenhouse) are currently obstructing justice and using an unresolved tragedy to falsely implicate an innocent man, and that is not acceptable.

The point is, MAGA Republicans and their ilke have become a criminal organization that exploits omissions, distortions and falsifications and Baldwin is invariably a victim of that because, when you create a world where every accusation is a confession, the current obsession to implicate an innocent man speaks for itself.

Investigators have not determined how and why live rounds were on the set of the movie and as long as that is a fact, somebody got away with murder, and it was clearly not Baldwin.

Was it Team Trump? Should we ask Ivana? Or Ken Starr? We certainly all know what Alan Dershowitz would say, and he's still alive. Ask him. Is he defending Baldwin?

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